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Trump Election Bid To Fail

Donald Trump will not be elected president of the U.S. in 2024. In fact, Charles Myers, chairman of Signum Global Advisors, said in the ‘Geopolitical Outlook’ at the ‘Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC) 2022 National Conference,’ he will likely be out of the race for the Republican nomination before that. In the recent mid-term elections in the U.S., the biggest loser was Trump, he said, as almost every single one of his endorsed candidates lost. This significantly weakened his position and represented a vote against extremism, “a huge positive for the country.” As a candidate, he has problems including the likelihood he will be indicted on his handling of classified documents and for violating the espionage act “which is a very big deal.” While none of these disqualify him from running for president, in aggregate it means it will be difficult for him to even win the Republican nomination. He said the announcement last week that Trump is running makes him first in the race and he may pick up in the polls, he faces stiff competition. Mike Pence, the vice-president during his term in the White House, is more credible than many think. He has been locking up evangelical votes and some of the largest Republican donors. And while he has not yet said if he will enter the race, although there is evidence he will, Florida Governor Ron Desantis may be the stiffest competition. He too is already gathering donations and, since the road to the White House means “you have to win Florida,” his huge victory as he was re-elected governor of the state gives him a big advantage. Once other candidates enter, said Myers, Trump support will decline and since he does not want to lose, he could be out of the race by next summer.


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