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Private Aviation Demand Skyrockets

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The skyrocketing demand for private aviation services since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the market, says AirSprint Inc. In ‘Buying a Private Jet,’ it outlines how an aircraft is sourced, acquired, and onboarded. It also offers a comparison between whole and fractional aircraft ownership, examining important considerations such as cost of ownership and the impact of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. While each ownership model enables the owner to travel wherever and whenever they desire, there are significant differences. Charter ownership guarantees access to a jet, has no repositioning costs, has higher safety standards, and has access to more foreign airports. Whole ownership means there is no downtime from scheduled maintenance, has lower capital costs, offers the ability to switch aircraft type, and has lower overhead/maintenance costs. Commercial ownership provides guaranteed access to a jet, offers access to significantly more airports, and comes with increased privacy and security and less hassle.

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