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Price Correction End Unknown

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Craig Brasinger, chief market strategist at Purpose Investment, says nobody really can tell when this price correction will be over. In its latest Ethos commentary, he says asset prices were “goosed higher” over the past few years. With less to do, individuals saved more, which landed in the markets. Central banks kept rates low and injected liquidity and fiscal spending to boost economic growth. “Now many of those ‘goosers’ are reversing and the somewhat inflated market is deflating,” he says. All prices are moving lower in stocks, bonds, and real estate. While an event like a Russia/Ukraine ceasefire, a lower inflation print, or the central banks saying something more market-friendly can cause a change in direction, the markets are an aggregation of investor behaviour. The selling pressure will end when a tipping point occurs among sellers finishing selling and potential sellers deciding current prices are no longer worth selling, with buyers coming in attracted by lower prices. This may occur on the day of some macro news, but really it just happens, he says.

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