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Mercedes-Benz Opens Luxury Boutique

Luxury enthusiasts and holiday shoppers can experience the world of Mercedes-Benz and its key specialty brands ‒ Mercedes-Maybach, G-Class, and Mercedes-AMG ‒ at a luxury retail boutique offering gifts as well as unique fashion brands from Canada and around the globe. The boutique, ‘Maison Mercedes,’ is located in Yorkville in Toronto, ON, a high-end shopping community. Maison Mercedes will serve as a platform to showcase Canadian design talent through Mercedes-Benz's ongoing relationship with the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA). This will include featuring designs by the ‘CAFA 2022 Womenswear Designer of the Year Award’ winner, LECAVALIER. Shoppers can purchase luxurious outerwear, jewelry, handbags, and premium accessories from Canadian fashion brands including Luxton, Sully & Son Co., and Hestia Jewels. The boutique is open until December 24.


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