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Luxury Shoppers Still Want Physical Store Experience

The demand for physical retail remains a crucial part of the shopping experience among luxury shoppers, says ‘The Evolving Art of Luxury Experiential Retail’ from BoF Insights, the data and analysis think tank at the Business of Fashion (BoF), and Royalmount, an upcoming shopping district in Montreal, QC. Despite operating in an increasingly digitally focussed world, where brands are investing in digital methods to engage customers, it is clear that stores still play a pivotal role, it says. The physical store is still a major draw for shoppers, with 77 per cent of consumers expecting to visit luxury stores as much or more often in the year ahead. The desire to shop in-person remains strong in the luxury sector and consumers are increasingly demanding more from a shopping experience, meaning brands must continue to evolve to create an experience that satisfies these shoppers.


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