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Investors Mixed On Performance

Only 56 per cent of investors are happy with their overall performance this year, a biennial survey of global asset owners by bfinance. This compares with 82 per cent in the summer of 2022. The survey also found that 63 per cent are satisfied with the performance of their active portfolio managers. In addition, 87 per cent are worried that inflation and rising interest rates will hurt their ability to achieve their investment objectives amid fears of a recession. However, only 43 per cent have made recent changes – or soon plan to make changes – that would increase the inflation sensitivity of their portfolios. Moreover, only 17 per cent expect to make such portfolio adjustments in the next 18 months. Amid the upheaval of this year's global economies, more investors are migrating toward private markets in their asset allocations with 52 per cent expecting these exposures to increase over the next 18 months, while about 28 per cent expect to reduce their exposure to equities.


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