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Investors Lack Inheritance Plans

A global survey from UBS has found that around 40 per cent of investors do not have a formal inheritance plan, mostly because of the complexity of dividing their wealth among intended beneficiaries. Half of respondents said that they have not even shared information about what assets they hold, where they are, or how much they are worth. The challenge of estate planning is intensified if there is not to be an equal split with two thirds of the wealthy investors polled finding dividing their wealth fairly a challenge. Those with a blended family are more likely to find it hard to divide assets fairly. It shows 80 per cent will leave larger shares of their fortune to those who they have a closer relationship with, although the financial needs of heirs is also considered. Business owners face additional challenges as it can be a difficult asset to pass on and while almost half intend to leave the business to family, many have no estate plan and have not discussed their intentions with heirs or set expectations about business transition plans.


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