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Diversity Boosts Sense Of Wellbeing

Canadians identifying with three or more dimensions of diversity (e.g., gender, sexual identity, racial identity) have a sense of wellbeing at work that is 42 per cent greater than their non-diverse peers, says a study by Sidekick and Humanity. The inaugural ‘Wellbeing at Work Report’ attempts to understand the reality faced by Canadians at work, and what can be done to create engaging workplaces that foster innovation, growth, and transformative experiences. Even though Canadians who identify with at least one of the 11 dimensions of diversity report a higher wellbeing score from their work, almost half (45 per cent) of the same group don’t feel they belong at their company. It also shows 62 per cent of Canadians feel they’re part of a team at work, but only 45 per cent say someone has talked to them about their progress at work. For Canadians who agree that the values of their organization mirror their own, their wellbeing score is 50 per cent, double the average Canadian’s score of 24 per cent. As well, when discussing wellbeing with Canadians who identify as racially diverse, collaborative environments provided opportunities to break down barriers that otherwise divide communities. These spaces are seen as arenas where “you can’t be ignored.”


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