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Confidence On Crypto Opportunities Increases

Professional investors are increasingly confident on investment opportunities in the crypto and digital asset sector over the short and long term despite recent market weakness, says research by Nickel Digital Asset Management. Its research found institutional investors and wealth managers from across seven countries are planning to increase investment over the next six months and rate investment opportunities in the sector as attractive on a five-year view. Its study shows 66 per cent plan to increase or start investment in crypto and digital assets over the next six months including 12 per cent who say their organization will dramatically increase investment and three per cent who say they will invest for the first time. The outlook is even more positive when taking a five-year view of the sector as 38 per cent say the current investment opportunities in the sector are very attractive while 46 per cent say they are quite attractive. Just 17 per cent say the sector is unattractive on a five-year view. The key reasons driving increased investment over the next six months are expectations of improved regulation in the sector and a recovery in valuations.


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