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Climate Change Remains Priority

Climate change remains a priority for this year, with adaptation and resilience top of mind, says a PH&N ‘Investment Perspectives.’ ‘What’s ahead for Responsible Investment in 2023?’, says with the ambition to reach net-zero by 2050 set by both scientists and governments alike, the focus through 2023 will remain on the practical realities of implementing policies and practices in the complex geopolitical and economic environment faced today. At the same time, the need to adapt to changing climate patterns and to build resilient infrastructures and communities becomes all the more important as the world continues to experience extreme weather events like the heat waves, droughts, and floods experienced in 2022. This will continue to drive the focus on climate adaptation and resilience for governments, companies, and investors in the year ahead. As well, it says the role of nature in stabilizing climate change and the importance of reducing biodiversity loss will move to the mainstage as governments, regulators, and industry bodies advance key frameworks and expectations on the topic.


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