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Climate Change Efforts Failing

What is being done doing today around climate change is failing miserably, says Nikolas Badminton, chief futurist and think tank leader at He told the 2022 ACPM National Conference that following the policies set by the Paris Agreement are “not going to keep climate warming to one and a half degrees, warming is probably going to be closer to two to two and a half degrees.” Limiting warming requires heavy investing to get off of fossil fuels and that's not going to happen in the short term very quickly. The impact of climate change is already being seen and “2022 is going to go down as the year when we started to see things that we expected to happen in 20 years.” He cited what's happening in Florida as an example. As well, this summer has been hotter than ever before and it is the summer “we're going to have for the next 100 years.” This is going to cause problems and one of the biggest is going to be drought. This lack of water will result in a 35 per cent reduction in legume and vegetable production. By 2030, a three per cent shortfall in water means 98 per cent of the world's energy production is going to be affected. However, there is an idea that has been put out there called the Global Energy Super grid, an internet of energy. Ultimately, every country is connected and is producing renewable energy and pumping it into the grid.


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