Our website now reaches thousands of online visitors who see your marketing messages and relevant news 24/7  for all aspects of interest about this industry.

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Private Wealth News Alerts are emailed each Monday to thousands of avid readers. Our Research section offers your company a space to publish white papers and research online and link web readers to your content. And our eBlast service provides you with the opportunity to reach our digital audience with your own dedicated message.

Private Wealth Canada website offers readers a 24/7 interactive pipeline to the leaders in the private wealth Canadian market.  Website content gives visitors an easy-to-access platform to get news alerts, event information, research, thought leadership, multi-media libraries and directories.

Contact Our Sales and Marketing staff to assist you in deciding how to approach the wealth market though Private Wealth Canada website. 

Digital Advertising

Leaderboard 970 x 90 pixels or Big Box 300 x 250 pixels

  • $750 CDN for a week.

  • $1,500 CDN for a month.

  • $3,000 CDN for 6 months.

Watching a Video

Weekly News Alert Email Ads (Leaderboard or Big Box)

$1,200 CDN per week

eBlast (Exclusive Sponsored Email to News Alert List

$1900 CDN per eBlast

Research/white Paper Eblast on PWC website

$1,900 CDN per week exposure

Classified/Announcements on PWC website

$1,900 CDN per week exposure

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